I've always been a romantic at heart. Nothing is mundane to me. My dream is to one day see my photographs in someone's home or office being proudly displayed. I like to hear criticism about my captures, good or bad, as long as it is being talked about. I want to hear people say that looking at my exposures gave them a new perspective on life, no matter how minor. If I can guide your mind to see the world around you in a new way, then I believe that the time I took to learn this craft and capture the moment was well worth it. I love watching people. I love trying to figure out what they are thinking about, what they are feeling. That is why I love doing weddings. A wedding day is so filled with emotion, it is hard not to get swept up in it. Capturing those emotions thru a lens and conveying it thru photos to others later is an absolute thrill. I love it when the wedding couple tell me later that they are reliving their wedding day just by seeing their photos. I love it when they show their photos to someone who wasn't at their wedding and they in turn feel as if they were there sharing the same moment. Not just photojournalistic, but also artistic. Not just candid, but also empathic. Not just posed, but also inspiring. Aim high! E-MAIL ME.